San Clemente Housing Market Sees Increased Supply

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San Clemente Housing Market Sees Increased Supply

With the summer quickly approaching its sunset, inventories typically rise while demand slows. This is due to families settling into their new property and getting ready to start the new school season. 

Although historically San Clemente has experienced low inventory and high demand, the Southern California beach town is not immune to a seasonally slowing housing market this year. San Clemente is experiencing a slight shift in its housing market. Recent data indicates a rise in housing supply, with an increase in inventory levels and a simultaneous decline in demand. As a result, the local market has witnessed a slight surge in available properties, bringing supply levels to a point not seen since April 2020. That being said, this very well could be short lived as inventory is still very low historically. Let's take a look.

Increasing Inventory: This rise in available properties provides a wider range of options for those searching for their dream home in this sought-after coastal community. This increase in supply is more notable in the $1,000,000 and higher range while homes priced below$1,000,000 are selling at a rapid pace. 

Decreasing Demand: Alongside the expanding housing inventory, there has been a recent decline in demand for properties in San Clemente. This is calculated by looking at pending sales or homes currently in escrow. Due to lower affordability due to rising rates, there are just less buyers pulling the trigger. 

Implications for Buyers: For potential homebuyers in San Clemente, this shifting housing market landscape presents a unique opportunity. With increased inventory and potentially less competition, buyers have a greater chance of negotiating favorable terms and getting a good deal on their desired property. The wider range of choices also allows buyers to be more selective and find a home that perfectly aligns with their needs.

Implications for Sellers: Sellers should be mindful of the changing dynamics within the housing market and adapt their strategies accordingly. While the increased supply presents some  challenges, it also provides an opportunity to showcase their homes and stand out among the competition. Pricing the property appropriately and ensuring it is in excellent condition can make a significant difference in attracting potential buyers. Home staging and effective marketing can also help enhance a property's appeal in a slightly more competitive marketplace. The San Clemente housing market's recent increase in housing supply, alongside a decrease in demand, marks an interesting shift in real estate dynamics. With the expansion of inventory levels, prospective buyers in the area now have a larger pool of properties to consider, offering them more options and potentially favorable negotiating power. Meanwhile, sellers will need to be strategic, pricing their homes competitively and taking steps to make their listings stand out in an environment with slightly less demand. As the San Clemente housing market continues to evolve, both buyers and sellers can navigate these changes by staying informed and seeking guidance from experienced real estate professionals.




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